Dey Kim
Daehee Kim
Dey Samuel Kim


Transdisciplinary Artist / Dec 2017 – present
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Main task: Music-Science transdisciplinary research (Science Walden, CRC Project funded by National Research Foundation of Korea)

Director / Nov 2017 – present
Modular Seoul, KR
Main task: Curating concert series and organising workshops

Research Fellow / Nov 2017 – Oct 2018
Jeju National University, KR
Main task: Identification of microbial interaction on sound (X-Project funded by National Research Foundation of Korea)

Senior Researcher / Oct 2012 – Mar 2015
Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR
Main task: Production of microalgal biofuels/biochemicals


Sep 2006 – Aug 2011
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Engineering
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Dissertation: Bioelectricity Generation from Carbon Monoxide by Acetogenesis and Microbial Fuel Cell Technology

Mar 2005 – Aug 2006
Master of Science in Environmental Science and Engineering
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Dissertation: Biomimetic Synthesis and Control of Silver Nanoparticles

Mar 2001 – Feb 2005
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
Yonsei Universty, KR


Sep 2015 – Aug 2017
Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatoire The Hague, NL

Sep 2011 – May 2012
Jazz Piano
JASS Applied Music Institute, KR


2007 / Dasan Awards for outstanding students, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, KR
2005 – 2010 / Government full scholarship (tuition, stipend), Ministry of Science and Technology, KR
2003 – 2004 / Honour scholarship, Yonsei University, KR


Music / Sound
Composition, Free improvisation, Electroacoustics, Musique concrète, Sound installation

Transdisciplinary art & science
Human-microbe translator, Data sonification, Biomusic

Sound-microbe interaction, Physical cell-cell communication, Sonocytology, Bioacoustics

Open source technology
DIY biology, Appropriate technology


Composition, Digital/analog sound synthesis and analysis, Piano, Guitar, Modular synthesiser

Computer Language & Software
Max/MSP/Jitter, SuperCollider, Processing, Arduino, Praat, Audacity, DAWs (Logic Pro, Reaper, Reason, Nuendo), MuseScore

Microbial physiology, Bioprocess engineering, Molecular biology

Korean (native), English (fluent)


Dotolim Concert Series 121, Dotolim, Seoul, KR, 2018
Noise for Voice and Electronics
, Modular Night, Ringo Shop, Seoul, KR, 2018
Collective Improvisation
, Electronic Device, Seogyo Art Center, Seoul, KR, 2018
Noise for Voice and Electronics
, ATM Festival, Culture Tank, Seoul, KR, 2018
Free Improvisation
, Seogwipo Cultural Battery Station, Seogwipo, KR, 2018
Voice + Electronics Solo Performance
, Watmm 54, Mudaeruk, Seoul, KR, 2018
Improvised Audio/Video
, Modular Seoul 001, VOFOL, Seoul, KR, 2018
Talk and Play, the Improvisation
, YOGIGA, Seoul, KR, 2018
Jeju April 3rd
, Seogwipo Cultural Battery Station, Seogwipo, KR, 2018
Free Improvisation, Dotolim Concert Series 111, Dotolim, Seoul, KR, 2018
The Drum Madness
, Noodlebar, Wunderbar, Rotterdam, NL, 2018
Free Improvised Audiovisual
, Future City Night Vol. 1, SCALe, Seoul, KR, 2017
Free Improvisation, Regulations012, Alley Sound, Seoul, KR, 2017
, CASS, KABK, The Hague, NL, 2016
Free Improvisation
, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, NL, 2016


[Fixed media] Flushing Away Is Not The End, UNIST, Ulsan, KR, 2018
[Sound installation] The Noise Box, Yogiga Gallery, Seoul, KR, 2017
[Installation] Sarang-Dang, Arko Art Center, Seoul, KR, 2013


[EP] CROSSTALK, Cucumber9 Records, 2018
[Single] Flying Insects, Self-released, 2016
[EP] Sea Breeze from Jeju, Feelosophy Entertainment, 2014
[Compilation] The Hour, Feelosophy Entertainment, 2014
[Compilation] Flow, Feelosophy Entertainment, 2012
[Compilation] Feelosophy, Feelosophy Entertainment, 2011
[Regular] Came Alone, DigitalRecord Inc., 2010
[EP] Calmness, Self-released, 2009


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updated: DECEMBER 2018