Free music ensemble, Project The 3rd

bs. Changhyun Kim / as. Sung Wan Kim / gt. Jun Kim / ts. JJ Kim / ms. Dey Kim / dr. Sun Ki Kim

Stochastic Yet Danceable Rhythm Study

Minimal music for 4 voices

“The Drum Madness”, live at Wunderbar-WORM, Rotterdam, NL (9 Mar 2018)

Live electroacoustics at Future City Night Vol. 1 (19 Dec 2017)

Matt Hinchliffe on sax. and Dey Kim on electronics.

The Noise Box (sound from installation piece)

Collaborative sound installation work with Jiwon (fine art)

Free Improvisation Project with Il Hoon Son

Flying Insects

E. limosum

Whole genome sequence of bacterium, Eubacterium limosum


pdf to audio, five years to five minutes, boring to boring

Unimaginable Country of The North

Inspired by the speech given by Yeonmi Park, the North Korean defector (One Young World Summit 2014)

No Tranquility

Field recording. Spui and Haagse Bos, The Hague, Netherlands

Shepard Tone

BEA5, Analog studio, Institute of Sonology, The Hague, Netherlands