perfDey Kim is a composer, improviser and transdisciplinary artist currently based in Seoul, KR.

Dey Kim started his musical career from early 00s as a guitarist and a composer at a shoegazing band. Then, he turned to be a singer-songwriter (‘Goyo’ as a stage name) and has released several albums from 2009. Later then he put himself into the bubble of new music (electroacoustic, noise, free improvisation and musique concrète).

As a biotechnology research scientist, Dey Kim studied environmental microbiology and bioprocess engineering for many years. Major research topics through out the years were based on biorefineries – bioelectricity generation from wastewater by bioelectrochemical systems; and biofuel production from waste gas and cellulosic/algal biomass by bacterial metabolism.

Recently, Dey Kim is extremely interested in the point of intersection of art and (micro)biology. He is mainly focusing onto applying microbial theories/techniques in order to compose musical pieces. Data sonification and algorithmic composition are prime strategies for the musification of scientific significance. In addition, he strives to build the sound translator between human and microbes as a lifelong art-science project. Meanwhile, he is also active at free improvisation solo and ensemble projects not only with musicians but also with artists from other disciplines. He uses electronics, laptop and voice as main instruments and has been participated in various experimental new music concert series.